Partnership Working

Like many local authorities, we work with national and local organisations to deliver some of our services. Partnerships also help us tackle our priorities of inequality, homelessness and the climate emergency.

We form partnerships when doing so will help us achieve our goals, save money, or reduce risk.

We ensure any partnership we enter has effective governance and clear accountability. It must have sufficient resources to deliver our objectives and be open and accessible.

Shared services

The council has a number of shared services with other councils and the following services are delivered in two- or three-way partnerships:

With South Cambridgeshire District Council

  • Greater Cambridge Shared Waste Service
  • Greater Cambridge Shared Internal Audit
  • Shared Director of Planning and Economic Development
  • Greater Cambridge Planning Service
  • Payroll

With South Cambridgeshire District Council and Huntingdonshire District Council

  • 3C Building Control
  • 3C ICT
  • 3C Legal
  • Home Improvement Agency

With Huntingdonshire District Council

  • CCTV