Working for us

Terms, Conditions and Benefits



Each post is graded and you will be paid at a point within that grade.

Cambridge City Council has an annually negotiated pay and award progression through the salary scale which is based upon your individual performance within your job role.  There is no automatic progression within the pay bands, progression will be determined by reference to a number of criteria including individual performance and achievement of set objectives.

  • Chief Finance Officer
    Contract:  Permanent
    Salary:  £81,556 to £86,618 per annum


The role will require you to work as necessary to carry out the full range of your duties.

This will include attending evening council meetings and member briefings and other events as required, both within and on behalf of the Council.

The standard working week is 37 hours.

Probation Period

Appointment is subject to a six-month probation period.


You will receive 30 working days holiday per year, plus Bank Holidays.

We calculate holiday and bank holiday entitlement for part-time employees on a pro-rata basis.

We operate an annual leave purchasing scheme where staff can purchase up to an additional 5 days (pro rata).


The LGPS (Local Government Pension Scheme) is one of the largest public sector schemes in the UK and forms a valuable part of the Council’s reward package.  Employees pay contributions as a percentage of earnings (from 5.5% to 12.5% dependant on earnings level).  These employee contributions are supplemented by employer contributions, currently over 17%, making the scheme a real benefit.

Full details of the scheme can be found on the LGPS website

Relocation Assistance

Cambridge City Council’s Relocation Assistance Scheme aims to help new employees with the expenses they may incur in moving to take up their new job.

The scheme offers a contribution to the costs of relocation of up to £8,000.


If you use your car, motorcycle or bicycle for travel at work you will be reimbursed at the HMRC rates as below:

Car – 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles.

Motorcycle – 24p per mile.

Bicycle – 20p per mile.

If you are successfully appointed you will be required to provide the necessary information to your insurance company and provide us with the required documentation to meet our policy requirements.

Travel Benefits

The Council aims to promote sustainable ways for our staff to travel to, from and within work.

This includes:

  • Staff bicycles available for work journeys
  • Discount on rail travel
  • Subsidy on public transport to work
  • Bicycle Mileage
  • Cycle2Work Scheme

Leadership qualities


A genuine visible and inclusive leader who is focused on our people, taking time to understand and ensure we develop, motivate and understand the needs of others. Acts with humility, professionalism and able to coach and inspire people to be the best they can be.

Outcome Driven

Prioritises delivering the very best outcomes for our customers, residents and stakeholders. Empowers and challenges others to improve customer experience, streamlining processes, measuring impact and value for money, taking action to achieve better outcomes.

Empathetic collaborator

Has a strong sense of purpose, acting with integrity. Builds relationships and networks, engages widely,
and encourages groups to work, listen, learn, reflect, and deliver.


Assertive and inspirational, with the confidence to challenge and persuade. Able to manage complex,
contentious, and high-profile stakeholder engagement, displaying moral courage, diverse thinking and
empathy for different perspectives to elicit buy-in from all.


An energetic corporate leader, who leads by example and inspires trust across teams to prioritise the
strategic direction, promote innovation, is future orientated and takes ownership for decisions.


Positive and solution focused, looking at information and insights in new ways, navigates complexity
and advocates new approaches. Is resilient and comfortable making difficult decisions, and to ‘stretch’
themselves and their teams